Initial Commit

1 minute read

Yet another guy making yet another website, right? Why would someone visit this? Isn’t this a joke or a fancy marketing?

When I first thought of making a website, I had these questions in my mind. I always hesitated to make such a thing for these reasons. So, maybe after reading this you can get an idea on why this website exists.

My intentions for this website is to have a platform that gathers everything about me. Mainly of course my research but also about my thoughts about it and about what goes in my head.

I hope that this space isn’t just a place where I gather the publications, but a place where I share my thoughts and honest opinions. I hope in this website I can share my passion and what keeps me going. I hope at least I can inform people about. And if not, then at least try to. But also, I hope I can learn something out of it. Whether an advice from someone, improving a rusty skill, or get to know myself better.

So, why come here? You should visit this website if you are interested to follow my research You should visit this website if you are curious to know more about me personally. If you’re my mom or dad.

That’s actually what I have in mind for now. I promise I will try to make it more interesting for all the humans out there. But for now, enjoy this puppy